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Our Story

The story behind the Hair Restoration Institute began in 1982, when founder and President Vern Cole (who struggled with hair loss at a young age) chose to specialize in hair restoration and replacement.

A 1979 graduate of Horst Education Center, now The Aveda Institute, Vern served as owner of a national chain of salons before embarking on his specialty. 

Vern's focus on hair restoration was born out of a need to solve his own hair loss problem. His hair loss began in his late teens, and was traced to male pattern baldness, a condition that also plagued his brother and father. Intent on overcoming both the physical and psychological damage of losing his hair at such a young age, Vern took all his experience and energies and put it into building a team of premiere hair restoration specialists – a feat he achieved in 1995, when he opened the doors to Hair Restoration Institute and brought together more than 250 years of combined experience in hair restoration procedures among Doctors, consultants, and technicians. Today, HRI is conveniently located in Dallas/ Fort Worth.

Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration

Our Multi-Therapeutic Approach

The philosophy of HRI is that there is no 'one size fits all' approach/solution for treating hairloss. Each new or potential customer undergoes a free hair and scalp analysis to determine the extent and pattern of their loss. Our Trichologists examine each person's scalp microscopically to see if the scalp and hair follicles are living. If so, we show you different strategies based on scientifically studied or FDA studied statistics. All transplants and surgical treatments at HRI are provided by our Plastic Surgeons, nurses and Hair Restoration Specialists.

In addition to surgical hair transplants, HRI offers non invasive options such as hair systems, wigs, extensions, toppers, hairpieces, etc. We customize the most natural looking hair systems for men and women. With the customizable hair systems, clients can shower, swim, sleep and travel in their new hair.

The HRI Difference

  • We are a Faith based company that lives by The Golden Rule, and give 10% of all profits back into Christian church ministry. 

  • HRI is a medical facility with exclusive access to unique procedures in all methods of restoring your hair

  • We are a locally owned company – not a big chain or club that spends tens of thousands or even millions of dollars on advertising. With free local and national publicity, the savings are passed on to our clients.

  • Our multi-therapeutic approach: we offer every legitimate, viable, proven option –we offer our clients a choice from all viable hair loss options to deliver the specific treatment that is right for them.

  • We have the ability to treat any and all types of hair loss: all forms of alopecia (hair loss) – from genetic, to diseases of the immune system, and any loss caused by hormonal changes, medications or even previous hair treatments that may have damaged hair.

  • Affordable Financing Options Available


1201 West Lancaster Ave.

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Parking is located directly to the right of building & behind building







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