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#1 Hair Transplant in Fort Worth, TX and DFW

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Jay Novacek hair transplant treatment in Fort Worth, TX
Jay Novacek Before Hair Transplant

Jay Novacek

Former Dallas Cowboy Tight End, 5x Pro-Bowler, 3x Super Bowl Champion,
HRI Hair Transplant Client
"I trust these guys, you can too!"

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Our extensive experience in hair transplant surgery, providing hair transplants for over 20 years and over 2,500 hair transplants performed for all hair types and textures. 


Our full service hairloss clinic offers breakthrough additions to your hair transplant to deliver the absolute best results possible. Including PRP Injections, Laser Hair Therapy and exclusive hair and wellness products.

Local Team

Our local Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jesse Smith and the most skilled Hair Transplant Technicians in DFW.

Locally Owned

We are a trusted locally owned Texas business. We are a small business, which means we have less overhead and can pass savings onto you.

More Options

We specialize in both FUE and FUT hair transplantation methods to offer a custom solution for your specific needs.

Free Consultation

Our Clinic Director, Taylor has had both FUE and FUT hair transplants himself.  This offers a unique outtake which can be an unparalleled asset in assisting you with your hair restoration journey.

The HRI Difference

FUE Hair Transplant

(Follicular Unit Extraction) 

Our FUE Hair Transplantation method uses the newest, most cutting edge and advanced hair transplant techniques.  Developed by Hair Restoration Institute Hair Experts, Doctors and Trichologists, the HRI FUE method allows the greatest impact and most natural results with little to no pain.  We use Neograft technology to individually harvest follicles from the donor area which are then planted in your desired areas. 

This is a great option for anyone wanting to to fill in thin/bald areas or create a new hairline with no scar.  This method is best for anybody who wants to be able to wear short hairstyles (i.e. fades, etc.).  The FUE method is less invasive, requires no stitches and has an easier recovery period than the FUT method. 

Strip vs FUE Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

(Follicular Unit Transplant/Strip Method) 

Our FUT (strip method) Hair Transplant has been perfected over 20 years by Hair Restoration Institute Hair Experts, Doctors and Trichologists.  With the FUT "strip" method our board certified plastic surgeon removes a thin strip from your donor area and the individual hair follicles are harvested from the strip.  The grafts are then planted into your desired areas. 

 This method has been around longer than the FUE method, but is vastly different and more advanced than old school methods like 'hair plugs'.  Though it is the older method, it is still said to be the gold standard by some top hair transplant professionals. 

Our strip method yields maximum harvesting from the donor area, and leaves a faint/linear scar in the back of the scalp.  This is a great option for men or women who like to wear their hair a little bit longer and don't want to cut their hair at all for the procedure. The scar could be visible if you cut your hair shorter than a #3 clipper guard. 


The average cost of our hair transplants range anywhere from $5-$10k. We also offer easy financing with as little as no money down and 0% interest with Care Credit. We include free laser hair therapy to expedite the healing process and produce the most growth possible after your procedure. 

What to Expect

The entire procedure typically takes 6-8 hours and is very comfortable. The scalp is completely numb. You can watch TV, take a nap, do some work on your phone, or just relax during your procedure. The hairs are harvested from the back of the scalp, which is permanent hair. Once harvested, it is then planted into the thin/bald areas. There will be small scabs where the new hairs are planted for 7-10 days. During this time, most people wear a loose hat to cover up the scabs, or just take a few days off from work. Within the first week, it's important to wash the scalp gently, and avoid strenuous exercise. After the first week, life is back to normal. Patience is important, as the new hairs take approximately 3 months to transition into a growth cycle. Once the hair begins to mature, it will grow just like the rest of your hair. It grows about 1/2 inch per month, and will grow for the rest of your life! It can take anywhere from 9-15 months for full results.

"Being young (24) and suffering from rapid hair recession in my crown areas I was caught in a bind on what I wanted to do when it came to my future with/without hair. After filtering through different options I met with Taylor and found the perfect option for me, and boy did they hit a homerun. The medication regiment recommended along with a few thousand graphs have already started to transform my confidence and life within just 3 short months. My hair is much thicker, the growth is noticeable and exciting to see, and the process was extremely easy. If you are thinking about FUE or any other procedure I highly recommend going with HRI of DFW. I've already recommended them to personal family and friends, and I recommend it to you as well. 5/5 stars."

-Zac Howerton


"I was shedding a lot of hair in front area which made me look older and using hair growth shampoo etc that didn't work. Then I found Hair Restoration Institute. Had hair transplant in December 2021. I can't see bare scalp now and have a lot hair in front. Wonderful to see fuller and healthy looking hair!!!"


"Five star service all around. From the modern technology, to the tender loving care of the team at HRI, made this decision very simple. Minimal pain and discomfort throughout the entire process, 10 days past my hair transplant… Very minimal scabbing, and no pain whatsoever. Very excited to see the results in the near future. Taylor and HRI are the professionals you want for your hair wants and needs."

-Kurtis Host

I am a year in from my strip method transplant and I'm extremely happy. I have started to get compliments and feel much more confident in my hair. I no longer need to wear a hat!

-Rhine Holford

Larry North's FUT (strip method) Hair Transplant

Larry North

Radio Show Host, Fitness Icon, Gym Owner, Best-Selling Author,

HRI Hair Transplant Client


1201 West Lancaster Ave.

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Parking is located directly to the right of building & behind building







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