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At Hair Restoration Institute of DFW you can have the full head of hair that you've always wanted the very same day.  Our innovative Custom HRI Hair Systems are a type of hair piece that is comfortable, convenient, and virtually undetectable. Made with 100% human hair, it looks so natural, nobody will know its not your own hair!

Our Custom HRI Hair Systems are a great non-invasive hair replacement option for both men and women with any hair texture that suffer from thinning hair and hair loss. With our Custom HRI Hair System you can live an active lifestyle and not have to feel insecure about your hair loss or anyone finding out that you are wearing a hair piece. It is a uniquely thin, flexible, second skin-like surface with natural hair growth patterns that adheres to your head. You can swim, shower, sweat, ride in a convertible and roll around in the grass with your kids.

Hair Peice Fort Worth, TX
Real HRI Client
Hair System in Fort Worth, TX
Real HRI Client
Female Hair System in Fort Worth, TX

How it Works

When you chose to do a Custom HRI Hair System we start with a consultation to find out your hair goals and what type of hairstyle you would like to achieve. We assist you in choosing a hair color, texture, and density for your hair system.  We analyze your scalp and lifestyle to chose the best adhesion and method for you. Then, we custom measure a head mold for you to ensure a perfect fit. 


We pride ourselves in designing the most natural looking hairlines, keeping it low maintenance and looking authentic. We typically secure the hair to the scalp with FDA approved medical adhesives. These adhesives are designed to last comfortably for about 4 weeks before needing servicing. In some instances, other methods of attachment are used such as clips, tapes, hair integration, etc.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced licensed hair stylists that specialize in hair systems.  They have all gone through extensive trainings to learn the best adhesion methods, cutting techniques and hair placement techniques to ensure a comfortable, natural fit every time.  They work with both your hair system and natural hair to create a undetectable blend.  This is all done discretely in a private styling room.


The average person requires a haircut/service once per month to maintain their hair system. During a maintenance appointment your hair piece is removed, you receive an exfoliating scalp treatment and mask to prepare your scalp for reapplication.  While you relax with your scalp treatment your stylist cleans and preps your hair piece.  After the hair is reapplied you receive a haircut to blend your hair system into your existing hair. 


Pricing varies based upon hair length, sizing, customization, etc. Some individuals purchase hair ala carte, while others elect to sign up for monthly programs/memberships. Initial cost is typically $695-$995 (more for longer hair), and monthly maintenance costs start at $150.  

What to Expect


All Real Hair Restoration Institute Clients Before & After Photos

The Hair restoration institute of Fort Worth has changed my life! Initially they sat down with me and explained my hair loss and gave me options that fit my budget. I decided to go with the derm lens system and it gave me the quickest results. They gave me my confidence back. I can work out without worry about my hair and the best part is, I can wash it as if it were mine.

The staff here are amazing and care a lot about their customers. If you're looking for amazing results, confidence, and natural looking hair, I recommend stopping by or booking an appointment!

-Israel Sanchez

This is such an amazing place to come! They truly will help you with all of your hair restoration needs and they are there anytime you actually need them! You just call and they will cater toward you. Everyone is so nice and my stylist Michelle is the best! They have another lifelong happy customer now! Thank you HRI. 5 stars!

-Antoine McRae

"This place is awesome and the staff is outstanding!!! I made an appointment and went there just to check out what my options were and 2 hours later I’m walking out with my hair, confidence, restoring the positive feeling I now have for myself again. Definitely a life changing experience for me. The trichologists here are very knowledgeable and helpful with my questions, concerns, and they provide excellent advice and suggestions. It’s well worth it!"

-HRI Client

I Can’t say enough about the team at HRI!
From my consultation, and with every visit since, they consistently deliver exceptional service. From the welcome I receive when I walk in the door, and throughout my appointment, everyone treats me like I’m their favorite customer.
But where it counts most is the service they deliver. When I became really serious about the various options for my hair replacement, Taylor and his team walked me thru the various options, and we identified what will work best for my lifestyle.
For me a hair system was the best option, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been very open about my system, so everyone knows. The comments I get all the time is that people just can’t remember what I liked like before!
That’s a great boost for me personally, and a testament to the work they do!

-James May


1201 West Lancaster Ave.

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Parking is located directly to the right of building & behind building







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