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Hair extensions are a quick and easy way to make a dramatic change to your look while adding a boost of volume, and if you wish even splashes of color. There are many reasons someone might choose hair extensions including special events, growing out a bad haircut, or even concealing thin spots. But could the hair extensions actually be causing your hair loss? Today we'll take a look at the risks of hair extensions and discuss how they could be damaging your scalp and your hair.

Do Hair Extensions Cause Damage To Your Hair?

Hair extensions attach directly to your natural hair, meaning that your scalp and your strands are bearing the weight of both your hair and the extension. This creates tension which can lead to traction alopecia, which is a type of hair loss caused by constant pressure on the roots of your hair that causes damage to your hair follicles.

The application is the most damaging aspect of wearing hair extensions. If the stylist applying the extensions does not have the experience or proper technique the application of extensions can damage your hair follicles and even cause scalp pain. This is why DIY extensions are strongly discouraged because a subpar application can cause significant damage.

Not keeping up with proper care and maintenance of extensions can also lead to hair loss through damage and breakage. Keeping the hair detangled and periodic repositioning of semi-permanent extension types is key to preventing breakage and making sure there is not too much pressure constantly being placed on the same hairs.

Who Can Get Hair Extensions And Who Should Avoid Them?

Anyone with normal healthy hair can get hair extensions. Hair loss experts do not recommend hair extensions for those who are actively suffering from hair loss. Not only could they potentially make the hair loss worse but they can also give you a false idea about the extent of your hair loss which might keep you from seeking early treatment.

Minimizing Damage

While avoiding hair extensions altogether is the only way to prevent all extension-related damage, there are some things that you can do to help prevent some damage to your hair and follicles from wearing extensions. Here are some expert tips to help you have the best experience with hair extensions.

Get your hair as healthy as possible beforehand. Hair that is healthy and strong is much less likely to suffer damage from hair extensions. See a stylist for a trim, deep conditioning treatment, and help in developing a hair care regimen that will get your hair in good shape before the extensions are applied.

Have extensions applied by a professional stylist. Don't trust an amateur where the health of your hair is concerned. If you're going to get extensions, seek out an experienced professional. If you feel any pain at all or feel pressure on your scalp, let them know because that means something isn’t right. Remember, pressure on your follicles can cause damage that is sometimes irreversible.

Keep it clean. Use a gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair as often as is required by your personal hair type. Keeping your scalp clean can avoid clogged hair follicles. Always remove clip-in extensions before washing your hair to avoid damage to your natural hair.

Give your hair a break. To keep your hair healthy it’s important to give your strands a break from extensions. Wear them for no more than two to three months before switching to a hairstyle without extensions.

If you’re concerned that hair extensions may be causing you to lose hair, it’s time to see the caring hair loss professionals here at the Hair Restoration Institute. We will discuss your concerns in a discreet and private appointment where we will assess your overall health, your degree of hair loss, your concerns about hair replacement, and your hair replacement goals. Then we will create a customized hair replacement plan to meet your unique needs. You can find us at 1201 West Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas, or call 817-854-HAIR (4247) for a discreet and complimentary consultation.

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