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If you have thinning hair or premature hair loss and want instant gratification, then our Dermal Lens Hair Restoration may work for you! Our Dermal Lens system is a non-invasive treatment, for both men and women, that offers effective, natural-looking results immediately.

What is Dermal Lens? The process for Dermal Lens is an almost invisible, thin, flexible skin with natural growth patterns. Human hair is inserted into this ultra-thin base painlessly and seamlessly adheres to the scalp with no bumps or ridges. The real hair not only matches your own natural hair color but will match its natural direction as well. Our Dermal Lens system is virtually undetectable to human touch, making it the perfect non-surgical solution for both men and women that have been inflicted with hair loss.

Besides it being a non-surgical hair restoration option, there are other benefits of our Dermal Lens Hair Restoration:

Instant Gratification. You will enjoy a new hairstyle in just one sitting. You’ll leave our center in two hours or less with fuller, natural-looking hair relieving you from a long, drawn-out surgical process that may or may not be what you need. Besides giving you instant results, it’s a painless and reversible procedure at an affordable initial investment.

Natural-Looking. The ultimate goal of any hair loss replacement system is to deliver a full head of hair that looks natural on you. The dermal lens system is the perfect blend of nature and science to create a non-invasive option that looks natural with its 100% real human textured hair specifically designed to match your natural hair and texture. Not even your closest friend will be able to detect the difference.

Made for an Active Lifestyle. This non-surgical treatment is ideal for men and women with active lifestyles. Whether it be swimming, skiing, biking, or sweating it out at the gym, dermal lens is proven to deliver great-looking hair that will stand up to your active lifestyle. At HRI, we believe that worrying about hair loss is stressful enough. Once you get the hair that you want, you shouldn’t have to worry about treating it any different than you would your natural hair.

Continuous Full-Service Treatment. Our Dermal Lens hair replacement system requires virtually no special treatment at home. Your replacement hair is made to last, look natural, and can be styled in any way you want. You can be rest assured that if you require a follow-up appointment, our HRI specially-trained experts are here to help.

Service You Can Trust. At HRI, we’ve been in business for over 25 years and have a great reputation for delivering custom, personalized solutions to our clients. No two people are alike, and neither is their hair. We pride ourselves on providing custom solutions for your hair loss or thinning needs. Dermal Lens hair replacement is a specialized service exclusively offered at our location.

Who is Dermal Lens for? This exclusive hair replacement system is perfect for both men and women, in the early stages of hair loss, or at the most advanced stages. Whether you’re experiencing male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, or thinning hair – dermal lens can be a viable solution for your hair needs. With our free consultation, we can determine if this is the right fit for you – and if it’s not, we offer a full spectrum of professional hair loss treatments and hair restoration methods that will work for you.

Give us a call at Hair Restoration Institute in Dallas Fort Worth. Our professional medical staff, our personal service, and our no-obligation consultation will address all your hair loss concerns and can be designed with a personalized plan that works to give you back the hair that you desire.

Make a consultation appointment today and our professional medical staff will assess your individual needs to determine whether the Dermal Lens men’s hair replacement solution is right for you. You can find us at 1201 West Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas, or call 817-854-HAIR (4247) for a complimentary consultation.

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