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You’re not alone if you’ve recently noticed thinning hair – millions of men and women around the world experience it every day. But when it happens to you, it can be very upsetting. It’s important to be assessed right away when you notice hair loss because catching it early could mean that special hair growth products and treatments may work for you to restore your thick head of hair!

What is hair loss?

You may be surprised to learn that everyone loses hair every day. In fact, that’s why we have to regularly clean our hairbrushes and shower drains, which can become clogged with hair. Losing hair is completely normal. However, it’s the amount of hair you lose that makes a difference between normal hair loss and problem hair loss.

Why do we lose hair?

Hair growth starts in the scalp, where follicles that grow hair – and can cause hair loss – are located. Each hair follicle supports the growth of a single strand of hair, building cells that attach to each other and push out of the scalp where we see it as a strand of hair.

Hair follicles stay healthy from nutrients received by the blood circulating near them, building and maintaining those cells in a regular cycle.

Each follicle has several stages – where they grow hair, where they rest, where the hair sheds, and then when hair begins to grow again. The hair growth cycle is normal and healthy, and everyone can lose around 100 or so hairs each day. We just don’t notice it because so many other hairs are actively growing. When something disrupts this cycle and affects the health of the follicle, more of them will go into the resting and shedding phases, and hair loss becomes noticeable.

As soon as hair loss is noticeable, it’s time to act to restore the balance and health of the follicles to help them grow hair again.

What treatments work to promote healthy hair growth?

Everyone’s hair loss treatment needs are different, so your Hair Restoration Institute professionals will assess your individual situation and develop a personalized hair restoration plan for you. If you’re in the early stages of hair loss, your plan may include one or more of these effective treatment options:

  • Products. Caring for your scalp is of utmost importance, especially when you’re concerned about hair loss. The Hair Restoration Institute provides a variety of hair growth products that you can incorporate into your life with little effort. Our proprietary HRI contains proven ingredients that block common hair loss causes and help stimulate growth. Nourishing your scalp directly gives you the healthiest possible follicles – which encourages healthy hair growth. We also have a line of nutritional formulas that specifically address issues that can cause hair loss and help deliver optimal nutrition to your scalp and hair follicles.

  • Home laser treatments. Your personalized hair restoration plan may recommend some home laser treatments for your early hair loss with approved, effective medical devices available at the Hair Restoration Institute that can help stimulate healthy hair growth.

  • PRP treatments. Our professional platelet-rich plasma treatments have been proven effective at helping to restore healthy hair growth. It works by using your own growth compounds, which are present in your blood, to stimulate more effective hair growth. This procedure isolates these compounds from your own blood so that your body identifies and reacts to them, stimulating hair growth.

  • MEP-90 low-level laser treatment. It may seem surprising, but low-level laser treatments are very effective for hair growth. While higher-level lasers – those that produce heat – can stop hair growth (they’re used for unwanted hair removal), low-level lasers have the opposite effect. Low-level lasers have a cooling, therapeutic effect that helps stimulate the follicles to grow hair by helping restore follicle health.

How do I know which hair loss treatment is right for me?

Today, there are numerous hair restoration treatments available – and at the Hair Restoration Institute, or expert medical professionals offer some of the most effective treatments available in the industry.

But not everyone’s hair restoration needs are the same. There are multiple causes of hair loss, and everyone is at a different stage of hair loss, so everyone needs a personalized hair restoration treatment plan.

You can get a confidential and free evaluation from our expert hair loss professionals at the Hair Restoration Institute that will include all the treatments that are right for you.

When hair loss becomes a problem, take control by making your free consultation appointment today at the Hair Restoration Institute. You’ll get a personalized hair loss assessment by one of our caring, professional hair loss experts, who will develop a customized hair replacement solution that will work for you in our discreet and confidential environment. You can find us at 1201 West Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas, or call or 817-854-HAIR (4247) for your complimentary consultation with an experienced hair loss professional.

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